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Post  Disorda on Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:10 pm

Finally i killed that dark elf now some questions bout my new status

1st : why does it not show what lvl i am now...bug maybe?
2nd: when i lvl i see where it says x amount of xp gained when i kill mobs
there is a new one saying master skill points obtained or something whats this mean?
3rd: and what is this new power tree window in the stats window please explain
as this is all new to me XD

Thnx guys


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Blade Master Questions Empty Re: Blade Master Questions

Post  yyberz on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:10 pm

Hey Disorda Smile

mm 1st. After finishing the 3rd stage quest your lvl doesen't appear anymore, it's like that for everybody. It might be coz in the official mu when you get it, you can't get anymore lvl's, so you don't really need it. (can't be sure, just a thought..)

2nd. It's somehow related for the new power tree window you now have, im quessing that the points received would be used in that skill tree, but it's not working here (haven't tryed any server that has it) i could say it's meaningless.

3rd. Well as said it doesen't work in here (as far as i know Very Happy ) so.. atlest for the moment no need to worry about that one. Smile

Sorry i don't have all the answers, but maybe that helped you a little. Smile

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