Application for Admin

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Application for Admin

Post  accesu on Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:57 am

Hello Paul, Narelle, Remco and Jake

Name: Robin

Age: 20 years

Were you from? : The Netherlands

What languages do you speak? : English, Dutch, German and bit French

Job: Serving drinks/food, Barkeeper

How long did you play Mu Online : Over 5 years

Study: International Hospitality Management

Experience : I played hundreds of Private Servers and Mu Phillipines, Mu Global etc. I know what people want on a private server and how to make them stay. I have been GM on Summoner Mu before and on another server.

Why did you quit being Admin here? : Owner turned out to be a psycho and "quit" on Summoner Mu becuase of whipe?

Why do you want to be a GM? : I would like to support this server in becoming successful. Thats why i want to be Admin on this server. I need access in order to do so. I think I have been proven trustfull and effective in my previous Game Master job and Legit Player on this server.

Hercules for your information if you decide on letting me into Administrator stuff, I won' t do anything without your permission, you know it

If you want to know more or tell me im an idiot to tell this my e-mail is:


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Re: Application for Admin

Post  Rhayveness on Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:38 am

Thankyou for ur application Rob:)....... Yes i tink u would be good, but not sure if u will get it coz the population atm is 0 or close too, maybe u should talk to Herc on msn and explain how u can help the server:) Good luck

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Post  yyberz on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:23 am

Well i didn't visit the forums for few days so i kinda missed your aplication, sry for that..
Anyways as the decision shows.. you'd make a great gm, welcome from my part Smile
I also wanna point out to all others that when you make your aplications take a quick look at rob's, since it is well writen and has all the information needed Cool

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Re: Application for Admin

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